Families and Children


Families come in all shapes and sizes, form “traditional” families, where children are being brought up by both their birth parents, single parents, step-families (often called “blended families”) adoptive and foster families and same-sex couples.

Whilst every family has their own unique issues, they will also encounter many of the same difficulties.  You may find yourself supporting your child through

Ø  Difficulties at school such as school work, friendships, bullying or exposure to outside influences that cause you concern

Ø  Coping with change – a new school, a house move, a change in family circumstances (illness, divorce )

Ø  Health - their own, major illness or disability in a close family member, or loss of a family member.

Ø  Behaviour problems

Ø  Attachment disorders resulting from early trauma or abuse

As a child therapist, I can work directly with the young person, using play and art therapies.  I also find it helpful to work with parents, either as an alternative to working with the child, or alongside the child’s sessions, to help them to provide the best support for their child.  Dealing with a distressed or angry child is itself traumatising, and parents need their own support to remain strong in these circumstances, and to maintain their own, adult relationships.


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Angela Thorne