I offer clinical supervision for front-line professionals working with children and young people, both individually and in group sessions.

Individual Supervision

Child therapists receive regular supervision, usually on a monthly basis, and I offer this in Ashford, Canterbury and Gravesend.

Other “front-line” professionals working with children may benefit from regular or occasional clinical supervision.  The role of clinical supervision is not “line management”.  It is a space to enable you to think about the interactions between you and the child / children you are working with, in order to better understand and work more effectively with them.  It is also a place for you to process your own actions and reactions in your work context, to become aware of how your own feelings and actions impact on your interaction with the young person, and how you deal with these, and thereby change the dynamics of relationships and conflicts. It can be used to explore a particular issue that is troubling you.

Those who can benefit from this include social workers, residential child care workers, foster carers, school counsellors, teachers and support staff in schools and others working directly with children (e.g. life story workers).

Group Supervision

Group supervision can be a cost-effective way of working, and group members benefit from the insights of others in the same field of work.

Groups can be held in your workplace, or elsewhere, and can run for an agreed number of sessions.

If you would like to consider individual or group supervision, please contact me to discuss.

Tel: 07974 414 689