Do you work with children or young people?

One of my passions is providing training. I enjoy seeing the satisfaction of those who come on my training courses, when they gain new knowledge and understanding that will enhance their professional or personal life – often both.

I develop and run training courses, from half-day workshops to longer courses extending over several days. I have provided training relating to child development, children’s emotional and social growth, behaviour management and therapeutic care.  Social workers, foster carers, residential child care staff, therapists, teachers, support staff and parent groups have all benefitted from this training. 

These are samples of the training courses I provide. If you have specific training needs that are not listed here, please contact me to discuss. Each course is adapted to meet the needs of the organisation or group commissioning the training.

  • Personal Development

  • Working with Attachment - e.g.
    - Developing Secure Attachments in Children with damaged attachments
    - Assessing Attachments in Young Children
    - Diagnosis and Therapeutic treatment of Attachment Disorders in Children and Young People

  • Child Development

  • Emotional Literacy

  • Understanding and Working With Challenging Behaviour

  • Fostering Resilience

  • Promoting Identity

  • Life Story Work

  • Bereavement and Loss

  • Communication and Listening Skills

  • Therapeutic Re-parenting

  • Parenting children who have been sexually abused

I am also a facilitator for Fostering Changes, the 12-session course developed in conjunction with B.A.A.F. and the Maudsley Hospital. The course is based on Social Learning Theory, and teaches positive discipline that empowers and re-skills foster parents.

“The most useful course I’ve ever been on – and fun too!” (Foster Parent JT)

  “Gave me lots of fresh ideas that really work.  All our family relationships have got so much better.” (Foster Parent LF)

“I’ve gained new skills in managing J’s behaviour, and my responses to it, and it’s helping us to relate more positively to him, and to each other.  I no longer have  to nag all the time.” (Foster Parent CE) 

Open training courses (community training courses)

I also provide training for organisations and community groups, relating to interpersonal skills and relationships, personal growth, parenting issues and child development. If you are interested in organising or attending a workshop or training course, please ring or email me to discuss.  

  Tel: 07974 414689



Attachment Workshop - 6 April 2019

Who should attend?

Counsellors, therapists, social workers and front-line workers with children and adults.

The workshop provides information about the development of healthy attachments in infancy.  We look at how the experience of unhealthy attachments affects individuals’ behaviour and cognitive systems. We explore how those with flawed attachments experience the world, and intimate relationships, throughout their lives, and how we can work therapeutically with both children and adults, to help them to develop less toxic coping strategies, and create healthier relationships.


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